Photos Of Lake Travis Drought Effects

The drought which is affecting water levels in the Highland Lakes chain, which includes Lake Travis, is one of the worst on record. The Lake Travis drought is affecting numerous businesses during what is normally the busiest time of the year. While there are a couple of boat ramps still open on Lake Travis, options are dwindling for boaters. For some of those with boats in marinas, the Lake Travis drought of 2010-2011 means that they will have to take a shuttle boat out to their docks, which have been moved into deeper coves and are now without electricity and potable water. Marinas which don’t have the option of moving their docks into deeper water may be calling customers to come and remove their boats.

Photos Of The Lake Travis Drought

Below is a photo of Hurst Harbor Marina. The marina workers are moving boat docks and Johnny Fin’s restaurant, as well as attempting to keep the end of the boat tramway in deeper water.

Below is a photo of a boat ramp on Lake Travis operated by Sail and Ski Yacht Club near Lakeway. It still has a few feet of ramp left, but may soon be above the lake level.  Note: See the next page for an updated photo.

The current lake level of Lake Travis (as of 06/21/2011) is over 24′ below the normal June level. The lake is currently falling at about one foot per week. At this level of decline we could see another record low for Lake Travis this summer and fall unless large rains come to the Colorado River watershed. Below is a chart from LCRA showing Lake Travis lake levels over the past several years

What is the full level of Lake Travis? 681′ feet above sea level.

Below is a photo of the drought’s affect on Lake Travis near Mansfield dam.  Seen in the foreground is Marshall Ford Marina on Lake Travis and the “Sometimes Islands”. These islands are only seen during times of extreme low water, yet because of back to back droughts in Central Texas, they are starting to seem like the “More Often Than Not Islands”.

Below is a photo of stranded boat docks on Lake Travis which were left high and dry due to the drought.  This lake Travis drought photo was taken near Hurst Harbor Marina.

Below, photo of Lake Travis water level receding near Mansfield Dam boat ramp, one of the only boat ramps on Lake Travis which still has enough water to launch boats.

Below is a photo of boat ramps sitting high and dry near Sail And Ski Yacht Club on Lake Travis.

The current Lake Travis drought situation will only be remedied by large amounts of rainfall. June through August are some of the driest months in Central Texas and the drought is not likely to break anytime soon. All that boaters and business owners on Lake Travis and other Texas lakes affected by the drought can do is hope for a low pressure system to come in off of the Gulf of Mexico, or for fall rains.

For updated Lake Travis drought 2011 photos see: August Lake Travis Water Level Photos