Lake Travis Sometimes Islands Water Level Photos

Here are some more photos showing the low water level in Lake Travis near Austin Texas. These photos were taken in September of 2011, as the lake neared another record low. Seen below are photos of the Sometimes Islands in the main body of the lake near Mansfield Dam.

Seen in the photo above are the remains of an old pumping station, which was submerged years ago when the lake was filled. It has only been seen a handful of times since the lake was built, emerging only during severe droughts such as the one Texas is currently experiencing.

Below, remains of an old power boat on a new “sometimes island” beginning to form in the main basin of Lake Travis. I last saw this old boat emerge in 2009, when the lake was at its third lowest level in history.

Grass and weeds have begun to cover the Sometimes Islands near Mansfield Dam on Lake Travis. If the lake drops much lower, deer may be able to walk over to the islands and dine on the tender vegetation.  The stumps seen in the photo are of Juniper trees which were cut down in the late 1930′s.

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